Women of Spirit and Faith is a 501.c.3 organization and we rely upon contributions to continue our work. Your contribution is a way of immediate connection with a network of women focused on creative  transformation. We welcome your participation! Our current priority for donations is SCHOLARSHIPS FOR THE WOMEN’S DREAMING COUNCIL which will be held September 29 – October 2, 2014  at Hope Springs Institute in Ohio.

We are deeply committed to convening a diverse community of women and need your help to fund the participation of women who are frequently under-represented in important conversations about women, spirituality and leadership:

  • Young women (ages 16-30)
  • Indigenous and First Nations women from across North America
  • Low income women
  • Ethnically, spiritually and culturally diverse women

Scholarship funds will provide  travel, lodging and meal expenses for these women.

A donation of any amount would be deeply appreciated.

Checks made out to WOMEN OF SPIRIT AND FAITH can be mailed to: Women of Spirit and Faith P.O. Box 3531 Long Beach, CA 90803-3531

…or you can donate using a credit or PayPal.