Women’s Dreaming Council – Call for Scholarship Support

There are dreams being shared informally by women all over the world who are spiritually attuned to Mother Earth, The Grandmother Moon, and feminine Divine Beings like Sky Woman. These dreams are actively bringing messages of spiritual awakening, messages of healing, warnings of Earth Changes and human karma if the messages are not heeded.  The world needs these messages urgently at this time of rapid Earth changes. One of the most important reasons for women's dreams to be valued, is that women are so close to life. Women create life. And so our dreams are open to the sacred wisdom in a way that serves all of creation. There are messages in different levels: some that have to do with how to be at this time. Others [...]


Young Leader Scholarships Now Available for Alchemy

WSF has received a generous $5,000 donation which will allow us to offer Alchemy scholarships of $250 or $500 for about 12 young leaders (ages 18-35), especially those bringing ethnic, spiritual and geographic diversity. The funds will be paid out to recipients at the Alchemy gathering. To apply: send the following information by October 15 to • Name/ email address/ home address/ phone • Spiritual tradition/ Ethnicity • What do you bring to Alchemy? (50 words or less) • What do you hope to take away? (50 words/less) • What are your costs to attend Alchemy? • What is your need? There will be special activities, conversations and community-building for the young leaders at Alchemy.