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WSF Young Leader: Laura Paskell-Brown

What does authentic learning look like- inside and outside of the classroom? In this short vignette, Laura Paskell-Brown, a PhD Candidate in Psychology in New York City and Young Leader of the Women of Spirit and Faith network, takes her quest for authentic learning on the road, to explore the edges of what is means to be a scholar and bring learning to Life. Video Link: http://youtu.be/ACr-aRch-Nk Follow Laura's blog: The Divine Feminine: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thedivinefeminine/


Gael Sylvia Interviews Kathe Schaaf & Kay Lindahl of Women of Spirit and Faith.

Gael Sylvia interviews Kathe Schaaf and Kay Lindahl about the upcoming Alchemy— Occupy Your Sacred Self conference, an experience of women connecting to their deepest spiritual root, excavating through the layers of fear and numbness that stand between them and their sacred selves. This gathering will not have keynote speakers or panels of experts at the front of the room; it will be a circular experience celebrating and harvesting the wisdom and leadership of every woman present. Links: http://sylviaglobal.com/archives/7897 http://youtu.be/-Wrq3KlM5Og 


Alchemy: Occupy Your Sacred Self

Women of Spirit and Faith convened its second Alchemy gathering November 7-10, 2013 at the Sofitel San Francisco Bay. It’s lasting impact is best described in the words of attendees: I treasured the intentional open network design of the conference, with key questions posed in circles without efforts to direct, control or shape outcomes.   I have more confidence in myself and my abilities … I no longer feel comfortable remaining silent in situations where I am overlooked or ignored because of my gender or my age or my race.   What I think about often is also the diversity (age, ethnicity, religion) of the women. It takes intention to achieve that diversity and it was so rich. The lingering impact for me is the longing and [...]


Get Ready for Alchemy Too!

Get Ready for Alchemy Too!  Women of Spirit and Faith is excited to confirm that plans are being made to convene another large Alchemy gathering in 2013! Mark your calendar and watch for news of this event. Alchemy Too November 7-10, 2013 Sofitel San Francisco Bay Redwood City, CA Our first Alchemy conference - The Alchemy of Our Spiritual Leadership: Women Redefining Power - was held in April 2010. More than 170 women gathered to create a dynamic community exploring questions together and weaving webs of connection. Alchemy Too will be co-hosted and co-convened by several large women's faith, interfaith and spiritual networks and will offer a unique opportunity to build a 'movement moment' on behalf of women's spiritual leadership. Don't miss this event. We hope to [...]

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