Women, Spirituality and Leadership: A Collaborative Exploration – November 2010

Women of Spirit and Faith was honored to serve as convener of this retreat for women spiritual leaders from the U.S. and Canada, which brought together leaders from 25-30 diverse women’s spiritual organizations and networks for three days of dialogue and exploration.

Our list of invitees was developed with a conscious intention to assure diversity of age, geography, ethnicity, spiritual orientation and communities of passion. Our facilitation process was developed with a conscious intention to build relationships which will support on-going collaborative action.
The retreat has been funded by Kalliopeia Foundation and through a partnership with the venue, Mary and Joseph Retreat Center in Palos Verdes, California.

This invitation went out on May 26, 2010:
 As a woman of faith and spirit, you know something important about this moment in human history. You know it from your rich experiences in the world and you know it from a place of deep wisdom within. Your unique pattern of knowing is part of a larger pattern of feminine wisdom. Our earth and the social systems that affect it are in crisis and it seems that many are looking to women to heal the planet and strengthen our human family.  We are excited about the possibilities that lie before us as women at this time and in this place.
This is why we are sponsoring a small, highly spirited and totally unique invitational gathering of outstanding North American women religious and spiritual leaders to engage in this critically important conversation as we explore how we as women of faith and spirit are being called to contribute.

What is it that wants to be birthed now?
What are the possibilities that can flow from our shared wisdom?
We invite you to join us at this gathering!  
We believe you possess the insight, courage, creativity and connections to other women to think collaboratively about women’s religious and spiritual leadership in these critical years of the 21st century.