WSF at the Parliament

ParliamentLogoWomen of Spirit and Faith was born in December 2009 at the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Melbourne, Australia.

So it is perfect that we will return to the 2015 Parliament in Salt Lake City with a large and lively community of women to teach and learn, listen and give voice, explore and embody the theme of this Parliament  – Reclaiming the Heart of Our Humanity – which was suggested by Alison Fast, one of our brilliant Young Leaders.  We are growing  increasingly  excited, because we know more than 75 women from WSF and her sister organizations have already registered. We invite you to join us at the Parliament and to bring your friends, colleagues and soul sisters. The world needs to experience what heart-centered women’s spiritual leadership really means!

Here is how you can get involved in WSF at the Parliament  –
whether you can come to Salt Lake City or not:

· We invite you to join us!  Register for the Parliament today to take advantage
of the current discount that will end March 31st.

There are additional discounts for groups of 10 and really low students rates.

· Donate to our grassroots fundraising campaign to bring diverse WSF women to the 2015 Parliament, with a special focus on indigenous,international and intergenerational women.

We are deeply committed to supporting the participation of a diverse community of WSF women at the Parliament and invite your donations to fund women who are frequently under-represented in important conversations about women, spirituality and leadership:
• Young women (ages 16-30)
• Indigenous and First Nations women
• International women, especially those from conflict zones
• Low income women
• Ethnically, spiritually and culturally diverse women
100% of your donations will fund scholarships to provide travel, lodging and related expenses for these women.

WSF will be announcing scholarship criteria and detail of our application process by March 15.

· Save the Date!  Join our WSF Women’s Gathering on the day before the
Parliament convenes  —  October 14  — 1:00 -4:00 pm

  The day before the Parliament opens, women from multiple organizations and networks will gather in sacred space where we can be in circle to connect our hearts, affirm our intentions for the week ahead and ground this Parliament in the Sacred Feminine. WSF will be joined by Millionth Circle, Gather the Women and other organizations to co-create and plan this gathering. Additional details will be  posted soon and registration will open April 1. Plan to arrive in Salt Lake City early so you can join us.

· Be part of the historic Women’s Assembly and Women’s Initiative at
the Parliament

  The Women’s Task Force of the Parliament is planning the Women’s Initiative for Global Advancement at the 2015 Parliament, offering special programming devoted to women, religion and spirituality. The Inaugural Women’s Assembly will be a full-day event prior to the official opening of the Parliament on October 15 and the Women’s Program Initiative will feature special women’s programming during the Parliament from October 16 – 19th.  WSF is delighted to be supporting and participating in the Women’s Initiative. You can also keep up with emerging details on the Women at the Parliament page on Facebook

· Contribute your wisdom to the Parliament program by submitting a proposal
  The deadline for the online program submissions is March 15 – so you still have time to create a powerful collaborative proposal!
Special attention will be given to programs that:
• use creative methods of communication
• involve members of two or more religious or spiritual communities or groups
• offer interactive approaches to engage participants
• model gender balance
• use new models of collaborative leadership

· Bring your energy and intention to a Sacred Circle of Support –
  The WSF Sacred Circle of Support will provide a way for women – especially those who may not be physically present at the Parliament – to offer their spiritual support in co-creating a strong, Feminine heart-presence for the event. The circle will begin gathering via weekly teleconference calls and through social media options in the weeks leading up to the Parliament and then gather daily while it is in session. For more information and/or to volunteer as a co-creator, please email or call circle co-creator Lynda Terry: or 707-322-9687.

· Bring your voice to a special 6 month exploration to prepare the field for the
Parliament on our Divine Feminine blog.

  The WSF blog is a sacred space for the voices of women from all faith traditions and spiritual perspective to explore and express the many dimensions of the Divine Feminine. Beginning in April, we will be exploring the questions that are in women’s hearts and watching for emerging energy as we prepare to convene at the Parliament. Contact the blog if you have good questions and compelling themes to suggest as part of our exploration at and watch for more details at the end of March.

· Post your yearnings and brilliant ideas at our Facebook community page
WSF at the Parliament

· Join in a global experience of solidarity with the Women’s Walk
  WSF has been actively involved in the planning for a silent Women’s Walk to take place at the Parliament, with an invitation for women to anchor walks in their own communities around the world. It has been inspiring to watch this idea grow into a reality through a collaboration between women from Salt Lake City and a group of international women. Watch for more details soon.

· Young Leaders
  Our Young Leaders are planning special events and opportunities for building community among young women attending the Parliament. Several proposals are already being planned for submission. We’d love to hear from you – to hear your creative ideas and to learn about your needs.