Young women are a vital part of the emerging pattern of global spiritual leadership.

Young women (under 35) emerged as a dynamic source of leadership and vision at Women of Spirit and Faith right from the beginning. Since then we have come to rely upon their creativity, vitality and generous spirits, whether they are bringing insight and energy to our women’s  gatherings or guiding us into the future as active members of our leadership circles. 

We are also aware that young women need support as they navigate the challenges of our chaotic times. They tell us that they are searching for mentors and role models who can help them integrate spirituality and feminine values into their careers, their families and communities.  They seek new models of leadership that are collaborative and compassionate. 

WSF has made it a priority to offer scholarships so that young women’s voices can be heard at our gatherings and so we can offer a safe place to witness, nurture and develop their emerging gifts.

WSF has discovered a wonderful synergy that comes from the ‘mutual mentoring’ across several generations. We know from experience that the future is in good hands entrusted to the wisdom and leadership of our young women