As we approach the Mid-Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, we invite you to reflect upon the eternal dance between the Light and the Dark. In this liminal space, we have the opportunity to join a long lineage of ancestors who have celebrated at this same exact time each year. We can learn from the wisdom of the past, a time when humans understood more clearly our tiny part in the cosmic web of life, and the necessity of honoring the Earth and all life.

Such ancient traditions feel even more important at this challenging moment in human history. We live in a world of uncertainty and confusion at a time when voices of negativity and conflict can sometimes seem to be drowning out the messages of light and love and hope; when hatred and division seem to be dominating our political and social agendas. Ugly truths keep coming to the surface; secrets continue to be revealed. Things are falling apart so much faster than we ever imagined, and yet no big solutions appear no matter how desperately we scan the horizon.

We are the ones who have chosen to be here for this time of chaos and disorder and dis-ease — and we are the ones who promised to carry the wisdom of the Divine Feminine and bring Her healing medicine. We are the ones who promised to always stay focused on the frequencies of Light and Love.

How are we each going to stay strong and clear and open and balanced so that we can serve as voices of wisdom and hope and wonder? How are we going to weave ourselves together into a strong force of planetary light and love? 

• In a spiritual sense, no matter your tradition, this is an ideal time to embrace your inner self and reflect on who you are and where you’d like to go.  
• Honor your stillness
• Understand that all of your emotions, motivations and desires are crucial in order to manifest the life you wish to live. 
• Map out a vision board and strategy for the year to come, in the form of resolutions or intentions, to help you to get moving.
• Find ways to gather with other women in sacred circle (virtually or safely socially distanced) to speak authentically from the heart and listen deeply.

Here at WSF, we love good questions that focus us inward. During this time when we sit between knowing and not-knowing, between darkness and light — we offer a few questions to stir up your deep wisdom:

1. What losses are you grieving as you come into this season?
2. In your personal sacred dance, what is it that is ready to be celebrated? That needs to be allowed to rest or work itself out on its own for a while?
3. How do you navigate the times when there is nothing to be done?
4. What gift do you carry that is ripe for this time? 
5. Is there an ancestor coming forward at this time to guide you?