Kathe Schaaf


[Art created by Alison Fast.] by Kathe Schaaf The patriarchs are feeling confident that our spirits must surely be broken, as they have been so many times before when men came for us to burn away our power and our sacred wisdom. They came for us once again, with the authority of the highest court in the land and we did not rise up too loudly. We did not swarm the streets by the millions as we did not too long ago, rivers and seas and oceans of pink-hatted women. I am sure that was a little alarming to the old white men, especially as those images on our little phones, broadcasting that particular shared frequency of power, inspired and electrified others far beyond those [...]


She is Hidden in Plain Sight

Another season is rolling around. The moon grows full and then recedes. The tides rise and fall. New life is born onto this planet as loved ones pass away.   And so it has been forever.   As this particular Summer Solstice approaches, these timeless rhythms of Mother Earth offer some comfort while so much in the human family seems to be falling apart. We hear from wise, intuitive women every day who are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of pain and grief afoot in this world, who are seeking solace and consolation. It is a challenging time to be an empathic human being; it remains, as it has always been, even more challenging to be a female human in this patriarchal world determined to silence the [...]


In the Eye of the Storm

I am watching the people in my world emerge from the isolation and trauma of our long dance with COVID. They are eating in our local restaurants and shopping along our sunny streets. They are reconnecting with old friends and taking picture of their kids all dressed up for winter formal and celebrating milestones once again. They are smiling and laughing with genuine joy. There is a feeling of relief that is palpable, a collective exhale.


New Year’s Message 2021

Just the other day my husband (a lawyer who had been struggling with a legal problem) turned to me and said, with relief in his voice,  “I think I just glimpsed a way to connect the dots to find a solution.” And I felt my heart leap with yearning for just such an epiphany. Wouldn’t it be a huge relief if we could find a way to connect the dots in some way that would lead to a solution for our wounded humanity? It seems no accident that this yearning sprang up just after January 6, a day when the profound depths of our American woundedness were written large for the entire world to see.   Ironically, January 6 is also the Feast of the Epiphany for [...]


Don’t Lose Faith in Faith

By Kathe Schaaf and Kay Lindahl Next month marks the tenth year since a conversation at the 2009 Parliament of the World’s Religions in Melbourne sparked the founding of Women of Spirit and Faith. We saw, heard and experienced the voice of the feminine rising in new ways. We found ourselves called to create a space where the spiritual and faith-informed voices of diverse women could be heard and where the power of women’s spiritual leadership could be explored, nurtured and celebrated. We trusted in that impulse and have been guided in ways we could never have imagined. Our name is a reflection of the desire to gather women of faith affiliated with a particular religious tradition and women of spirit who live their spirituality in the [...]

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