There are dreams being shared informally by women all over the world who are spiritually attuned to Mother Earth, The Grandmother Moon, and feminine Divine Beings like Sky Woman. These dreams are actively bringing messages of spiritual awakening, messages of healing, warnings of Earth Changes and human karma if the messages are not heeded.  The world needs these messages urgently at this time of rapid Earth changes.

One of the most important reasons for women’s dreams to be valued, is that women are so close to life. Women create life. And so our dreams are open to the sacred wisdom in a way that serves all of creation. There are messages in different levels: some that have to do with how to be at this time. Others might be regarding action. But there is also another important aspect to the dreams: they open our consciousness so that we can stretch beyond our knowing and welcome what we do not yet know. These gatherings are crucial because they provide a space for women to listen to one another’s dreams, and to share. Women have always worked together in this way, to bring a pure energy and understanding into life when there is a need.

The Women’s Dreaming Council is being convened with the intention:

  • to nurture the dreams and visions of the women
  • to harvest and share the emerging wisdom of the collective dreaming
  • to facilitate action planning for the future in service of the Earth.

This work will unfold through a series of gatherings in the next several years, bringing together women from diverse spiritual traditions who are Wisdom Keepers, Ceremonial Leaders, healers and elders with deep messages to share. Each gathering will offer ceremonies of prayer, honoring the Ancestors of the land, Sacred Fire, offerings of medicines, food, cloth, tobacco. The women gathered will have the opportunity to share their visions, dreams and messages in this sacred space and listen deeply for the inner voices of guidance about future actions .

The first retreat to explore, shape and define the work of the Women’s Dreaming Council is being planned for September 29- October 2, 2014 at Hope Springs, a retreat center in southern Ohio. It is our intention to anchor two retreats each year for the next several years, eventually expanding the network of dreamers globally.

Our History of Relationship Among Women of Diverse Faiths and Ancestry 

The Women’s Dreaming Council is one thread in a complex weave created over a long history of women’s sacred circles, gatherings, retreats and ceremonies.  The conveners have a long association that always has been Spirit driven.  Our first gathering in May 2009 was held at Soul of the Mother, bringing women from Vessels of Peace to join women from Six Nations in ceremony, deeply listening to Spirit messages, seeking answers and connections.  Our relationships have deepened over the past five years, nurturing the evolution of our individual work and the work of our various organizations: Dreamweather,  Women of Spirit and Faith and Soul of the Mother.  In May 2013, another ceremony at Soul of the Mother again brought women together for prayer and deep listening.  A larger community of 120 North American women from diverse faiths came together in November 2013 in San Francisco for Alchemy: Occupy Your Sacred Self.  Alchemy solidified and expanded the web of relationships and led to the emergence of numerous activating hubs.

Organization, Logistics and Funding 

Women of Spirit and Faith (WSF) will serve as the fiscal agent and administrative hub for the work of the Women’s Dreaming Council. WSF is a 501.c.3 non-profit corporation in good standing, with a four year history of successfully convening women’s gatherings.

The budget estimate for the first year is $5,000, which includes scholarship support for low income women to attend the September 2014 retreat (airfare, other travel costs, meals, accommodations as needed). Scholarships are essential to assure that we can gather an intergenerational community of women representing a diversity of spiritual traditions from the U.S. and Canada. Economic hardship often precludes elders, indigenous women, low income women and young leaders from participation in this kind of powerful conversation and reflection.

We invite your help to provide these important scholarships.  Donations can be made at