The Divine Feminine Emerging, Embodied & Emboldened

August 28-30, 2015

Ghost Ranch in New Mexico 

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It is not just women who are marginalized after the long reign of patriarchy on our planet. So much having to do with “the feminine” is also devalued and silenced in the dominant culture of values, language, spirituality, education, politics, leadership and power in which we have been living for many generations. It is the air we have been breathing for so long that we are often unconscious about the ways it has shaped and formed (or deformed) our own personal experiences and expectations.

As women bring their leadership in the coming years – and as the Divine Feminine seeks to bring Her gift of healing to the world through those women – it will be important to consciously make room for new ways of doing things, for feminine wisdom brought in feminine ways. This will require nothing less than radically different definitions of what leadership looks like and how success should be measured.

We hope you can be there with us to relax and go deep during this weekend retreat

amid the spectacular beauty of Ghost Ranch in New Mexico.

This is the land of Georgia O’Keefe – where she came each summer to get away from the crowded city and to paint, inspired by the surroundings and colors.  You too can find tranquility and inspiration on this land of extraordinary light with mountains, cliffs and plains, and the awesome presence of the night sky filled with stars. We are grateful for this opportunity to create a sacred circle in this beautiful environment, inviting the voices and deep wisdom of all who attend.


Kay Lindahl has been described as an inspired presence with passionate energy. For the past twenty years the daily practice of Centering Prayer has been transforming her life. She founded The Listening Center with the mission of exploring the sacred nature of listening. Kay conducts workshops and retreats on listening as a spiritual practice. She is a Certified Listening Professional.

Kathe Schaaf has been guiding and nurturing a transformative conversation at the intersection of women’s leadership and feminine spirituality for more than a decade. She has been involved in birthing and collaboratively leading several women’s organizations, including Gather the Women in 2002 and Women of Spirit and Faith since 2009. She has been a delegate to the UN Commission on the Status of Women and is a former trustee of the Parliament of the World’s Religions, where she was a co-founder of the Women’s Task Force.

All Inclusive, per person rate covers workshop registration, double-occupancy lodging & meals from dinner on arrival to breakfast on departure.  Room with Private Bath $555; Shared Bath: $475; Communal Bath: $445