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Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Jennifer Rataj Tel: (802) 457-4000 Fax: (802) 457-4004 Download complete Press Release .pdf   HOW CAN WOMEN EMERGE AS SPIRITUAL LEADERS TO HELP HEAL A FRACTURED WORLD? Throughout history, women traditionally have demonstrated their ability to lead by raising children, caring for the infirm and elderly, and supporting their families and communities. While the unique leadership skills women possess have been rarely appreciated, now more than ever they are desperately needed to help heal the many dimensions of separation that fragment today’s world. How can women discover their full potential as spiritual leaders to help mend a turbulent world? “We invite you to come with curiosity into this living community of spiritual women, listening deeply as they share their personal stories of how their spiritual journeys have shaped [...]


WSF Canada

Building equitable, responsible and caring global citizenship Women of Spirit and Faith exists to invite the many brilliant threads of women's spiritual leadership into relationship and to support emerging patterns for transformation. Our Earth is in crisis, even as humanity is poised on the cusp of a powerful cultural shift. To heal the planet and our human family, it is imperative for women to fully take their place alongside men. The way we work as women adds to the wholeness of leadership and makes possible a new paradigm of equitable, responsible, and caring global citizenship. Stepping into shared leadership  In truth, we women are still learning individually and collectively how to effectively bring forth our leadership. The work of Women of Spirit and Faith (USA and Canada) [...]


Young Leaders

Young women are a vital part of the emerging pattern of global spiritual leadership. This is an excellent time to support and nurture the leadership of young women in seminaries and universities, starting young families and launching careers, in feminist organizations and faith-based communities. At a time when the “stained glass ceiling” hampers full participation of women in religious communities all over the globe, when women make up only sixteen percent of elected officials in the U.S. and when women struggle to bring their feminine leadership qualities in hierarchical organizations, it is essential to lift up, encourage, and learn from the next generation of feminists, religious pluralist theologians, thought-leaders and grassroots activists. Young women (under 35) have emerged as a dynamic source of leadership and vision at [...]


Women, Spirituality and Leadership: A Collaborative Exploration – November 2010

Women of Spirit and Faith was honored to serve as convener of this retreat for women spiritual leaders from the U.S. and Canada, which brought together leaders from 25-30 diverse women’s spiritual organizations and networks for three days of dialogue and exploration. Our list of invitees was developed with a conscious intention to assure diversity of age, geography, ethnicity, spiritual orientation and communities of passion. Our facilitation process was developed with a conscious intention to build relationships which will support on-going collaborative action. The retreat has been funded by Kalliopeia Foundation and through a partnership with the venue, Mary and Joseph Retreat Center in Palos Verdes, California. This invitation went out on May 26, 2010:
 As a woman of faith and spirit, you know something important about [...]