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The Divine Feminine Blog

This blog is a sacred space for the voices of women from all faith traditions and spiritual perspective to explore and express the many dimensions of the Divine Feminine. We welcome women who are affiliated with a religion and women of spirit not affiliated with a single religion. We welcome spiritual seekers, peace and justice activists, feminists, academics and atheists. We encourage you to come into this space with curiosity and compassion.


An Opportunity for Your Voice to be Heard on a Challenging Topic

Women of Spirit and Faith will be anchoring several events at the UN Commission on the Status of Women between March 4 – 8. The theme of CSW this year is eliminating violence against women … and we feel it is important to amplify women’s voices on this challenging topic. You are invited to join the conversation on our Divine Feminine Blog this month. We are inviting women from many faiths and spiritual persuasions to respond to the following prompt: "How do we create a world in which women and girls are safe from violence?"   If this question speak to you, we encourage you to go deep within to explore this question for yourself. Find your own wisdom, then write what comes up and send it to [...]