WSF Canada

Building equitable, responsible and caring
global citizenship

Women of Spirit and Faith exists to invite the many brilliant threads of women’s spiritual leadership into relationship and to support emerging patterns for transformation. Our Earth is in crisis, even as humanity is poised on the cusp of a powerful cultural shift.

To heal the planet and our human family, it is imperative for women to fully take their place alongside men. The way we work as women adds to the wholeness of leadership and makes possible a new paradigm of equitable, responsible, and caring global citizenship.

Stepping into shared leadership 

In truth, we women are still learning individually and collectively how to effectively bring forth our leadership. The work of Women of Spirit and Faith (USA and Canada) is to support and nurture this learning at every level. As we step into our full potential as leaders and guides in this moment, Women of Spirit and Faith provides a self-organizing community platform to help us:

  • reconnect individually with our deepest wisdom and our spiritual roots;
  • collectively heal the many dimensions of separation that keep us fragmented and ineffective as agents of social change; and
  • globally reclaim our rightful place as spiritual leaders in service of a just and compassionate new paradigm.
You are invited to participate 

As a woman of spirit and faith, you know something important about this moment in human history. You know it from your rich experiences in the world, and you know it from a place of deep wisdom within. Your unique pattern of knowing is part of a larger pattern of women’s wisdom being called forth at this time in service of this Earth and of humanity.

You are invited to share and explore as part of the Women of Spirit and Faith Canada network.

Delighting in unity and diversity 

With our sisters in the USA, the Women of Spirit and Faith Canada network is committed to:

  • Strengthening and nurturing the leadership capacities of women of spirit and faith for the sake of human community and the Earth;
  • Encouraging collaboration and understanding among women’s organizations and networks;
  • Creating an environment of trust, inviting women’s voices to be heard, telling our own stories and witnessing each other’s stories;
  • Offering multiple opportunities to explore potent questions about the current state of women’s spiritual leadership;
  • Practicing and modeling ways of partnering with one another and the natural world which create structures based upon shared leadership, collaborative practices, circle processes, deep listening, mindfulness and compassionate action, and
  • Allowing space for the emergence of divine guidance and collective wisdom.


The following values (in alphabetical order!) unite us as
Women of Spirit and Faith Canada:
  • Courage: We are committed to courageous conversations and conscientious actions that expand compassion, insight and generosity;
  • Creative learning: We are committed to ongoing exploration that enables open-hearted mutuality, reflection, and transformation;
  • Empathy: We are committed to learning how to “walk in another’s shoes” and to encouraging the same walk for others, so that compassion is valued, visible, and central to life in community;
  • Equality: We are guided by deep commitment to social equity, rooted in the conviction that the inherent dignity and equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world. (Universal Declaration of Human Rights);
  • Integrity: We hold ourselves to high standards, and seek to synchronize words and actions as we steward the trust and resources given to us;
  • Interdependence: We affirm that human beings are a part of and deeply interconnected with each other and the natural world, and that human survival on the planet relies on attending to the wholeness of our relationships with self, others, and the Earth;
  • Justice: We are committed to personal and social transformation which ends systems of domination and cultivates right relationship through structures that support human wholeness and the flourishing of creation;
  • Respect: We are committed to being open to others and receptive to diversity, and to listening in a spirit of discovery, appreciation and kindness.